Graphic: Litigation Skills Series Legal Writing

Litigation Skills Series: Legal Writing

  • When: 08 April 2021, 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
  • Where: Virtual
  • Cost: Free

Every lawyer needs to write well. And, every lawyer can improve their writing skills. Thus, every lawyer should attend our Legal Writing workshop!

Join us for a jam-packed 90 minutes of learning how to write more concisely, clearly, and powerfully for any audience.  Our instructor will be Noah Messing, Yale Law School’s Lecturer in the Practice of Law and Legal Writing. Professor Messing is the author of “The Art of Advocacy: Briefs, Motions, and Writing Strategies of America’s Best Lawyers,” and will share tips on effective legal writing.

Professor Messing graduated in 2000 from Yale Law School, where he was a Coker Fellow. While at Yale, he received the Benjamin Cardozo Prize for the best moot court brief and the Potter Stewart Prize in the Morris Tyler Moot Court of Appeals program, awarded to the spring semester competition winning team. Following graduation, Noah worked as a trial and appellate litigator in Washington D.C., as Counsel to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and as Associate Counsel to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign.

This workshop is free, but donations are encouraged. This training was so popular that we had to upgrade our Zoom license to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend. If you can chip in $5, $10, or $20 toward the cost of the Zoom license, we would appreciate it!