Our Theme for 2019-2020: #WCLawyers4Justice

10 September 2019   Blog, Featured

At the core of our mission is our work striving to ensure our legal system treats everyone fairly, regardless of money, position or power. This year, we wanted to find ways to highlight just what access to justice means to our staff, members, and community partners. A common theme emerged: #WCLawyers4Justice.

Say hello to our new board members!

29 August 2019   Blog, Featured

We are thrilled to welcome eight new board members to our Board of Directors. Read more about these exceptional individuals here.

#BookClubFriday Reading List

28 August 2019   Blog, Featured

We had a busy summer here at the Washington Council of Lawyers. In addition to some amazing events, we launched our very first virtual #BookClubFriday series. Members sent in suggestions for books they were reading or wanted to read this summer, and in some cases, fun facts about themselves. If you missed these posts, do not fret, we have recapped all of them here, and suggested some other great book lists from which to select your next literary adventure. Thank you to all who participated, and we’ll pick this list back up next summer.

Thank you and good luck to our summer intern Lydia Kotowski

30 July 2019   Blog, Featured

While the summer isn’t technically over, we do say good-bye to our summer intern Lydia Kotowski this week. She has been a wonderful addition to our team and has brought a new perspective to our work. We are exceedingly grateful for all the ways Lydia has helped move our mission forward this summer. Thank you, Lydia!

A Conversation with Justice Elena Kagan and Dean William Treanor (July 18, 2019)

23 July 2019   Blog, Featured

Washington Council of Lawyers was honored to host A Conversation with Justice Elena Kagan and Dean William Treanor of Georgetown University Law Center on Thursday, July 18, 2019.  The conversation began with a discussion about the career of the late Justice John Paul Stevens, whose seat Justice Kagan filled after Justice Stevens retired. Justice Kagan praised Justice Stevens both in his role as a Supreme Court Justice and as an extraordinarily kind man and mentor.  Speaking to an audience largely comprised of law school students, public-interest lawyers, and pro bono advocates, Justice Kagan commented on Justice Steven’s commitment to continued learning on the job and his fierce independence.

2019 Summer Forum: Photos

26 June 2019   Blog, Featured

Check out photos from the 2019 Summer Forum.

2019 Summer Forum Preview: Pro Bono to Aid People Who Experience Poverty

06 June 2019   Blog

Individuals living at or below the federal poverty level can
encounter all manner of legal issues and are least likely to be able to afford legal representation. Lawyers practicing in this area must have a wide array of tools in their kit and an ability to meet a variety of challenges. The Poverty Law panel will explore the myriad ways lawyers help low-income residents including court matters with issues of housing, family, and consumer law; transactional matters such as public benefits; and
policy work to ensure the defense and safeguarding of everyone’s rights regardless of position or power. #SumFo19

2019 Summer Forum Preview: Pro Bono Outside the Courtoom

06 June 2019   Blog, Featured

Pro bono work does not always involve litigation; in fact, among the most important contributions pro bono attorneys can make is to help individuals and organizations avoid the need to resort to judicial processes. Find out how at this panel. #SumFo19

2019 Summer Forum Preview: Ethics, Transparency & Accountability: Suing the Federal Government

29 May 2019   Blog, Featured | Tags: , , , , ,

The political climate has not cooled, so we’re bringing back the panel that addresses the cutting-edge issues of government ethics, transparency and accountability. The panel will touch on a lot of interesting issues and practical tips. It is not one you will want to miss! #SumFo19