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2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Our Goals

At the end of three years, we will have achieved success in this plan if:

  1. Our Board is revamped to be more effective, more diverse, and has a greater shared understanding of our shared responsibility.
  2. Our efforts result in recognition that our convening work makes us a go-to resource for all things pro bono & public-interest for legal professionals in all sectors of the legal community in the Washington, DC area.
  3. Our committee structure has been overhauled to create equitable divisions of labor, better communication channels, and clearer mandates.
  4. We have defined and communicated the areas of advocacy where we add value to the larger legal community and acted within that defined scope.
  5. We have developed and institutionalized a coordinated development plan that will be sufficient for our needs and permeates our work.
  6. Our membership efforts include purposeful outreach to underrepresented communities and a rethinking of the value we provide to those communities, as well as our members as a whole.

Our Vision

Over the next three years…

  1. We will strengthen our voice, so that we are a critical force in expanding pro bono/public interest advocacy.
  2. In pursuing our mission, we will work to increase our own diversity and support efforts to increase Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) within the pro bono/legal services community.
  3. Our board, staff, members, and volunteers will feel appreciated for their hard work and understand the scope of what we are doing, how to get there, and who does what.
  4. We will expand our reputation and reach, so that DC lawyers at all levels and across all sectors doing pro bono/public interest work see us as indispensable (via training, mentoring, resources, and community).
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