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Our Work

Every year, we endorse candidates for D.C. Bar office who we believe will share our commitment to pro bono service and public-interest law. We endorse candidates for President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board of Governors, and ABA House of Delegates.

The endorsements are determined by our Board of Directors and are based on the candidates’ resumes and answers to a questionnaire, jointly prepared by our D.C. Bar Affairs Committee and the D.C. Consortium of Legal Services Providers. For the office of President-Elect, we also hold a question-and-answer session with the candidates.

Our 2021 endorsements are:

Ellen M. Jakovic

Roger Lu Phillips

Andrea Mangones

Board of Governors
A.J.S. Dhaliwal
Darshak Dholakia
Brian K. Flowers
Elizabeth “Sally” Gere
Fatema Merchant

ABA Delegates
D. Jean Veta

ABA Delegates Under 36
Josephine M. Bahn

For more information about our endorsements process, contact co-chairs Carolyn Lerner and Tianna Russell at

Learn more and login to the D.C. Bar website to cast your vote here.

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