Our Work

Part of our mission is to encourage the appointment of local and federal judges who are committed to equal access to justice and high-quality representation for all who appear before the courts.

We are eager to support candidates who are committed to protecting the rights of all litigants before the courts. In the past, we’ve submitted letters of support on behalf of applicants with one or more of the following types of experiences and characteristics:

  • Personal involvement in the provision of pro bono and public-interest legal services;
  • Significant efforts to promote equal access to justice and effective representation for all litigants; and
  • A strong commitment to the District of Columbia community and equal justice under law.

More information, as well as details about the procedure to request our support, is available from our Policy for Supporting Judicial Candidates.

Questions should be directed to one of our Co-Chairs, Chinh Le or Mark Kovner, or our Executive Director, Nancy Lopez.

We encourage you to consider applying and help create a fair, responsive judicial system for all citizens!

Recent Letters of Support