Spotlight On Evictions with Emily Benfer

22 December 2020   Blog, Featured

By Heather Krick On Wednesday, December 9, 2020, we hosted Spotlight on Evictions, a virtual conversation with Emily Benfer, Chair of the ABA’s Covid-19 Taskforce on Evictions. First, the program opened with remarks from current ABA President Patricia Lee Refo.…

The Year In Review: 2020 Advocacy Initiatives

17 December 2020   Blog, Featured

As the year draws to a close, we look back on our advocacy efforts supporting the Washington Council of Lawyers’ mission of a fair justice system for everyone, regardless of money, position, or power. During this challenging year, we have taken action on the issues on which we have a longstanding track record of leadership and advocacy. As the pandemic began to affect our most vulnerable citizens and their access to legal services and the courts, we also swiftly pivoted to address these new challenges in the context of our ongoing work in improving access to justice for all individuals.

2020 Awards Ceremony

08 December 2020   Blog, Featured

Our virtual 2020 Awards Ceremony brought all the warmth and inspiration our public interest community brings every day to helping those in need. We came together to give a special thank you to our award recipients for the work that they do to serve our community.

2020 Presidents Award for Public Service: Paul Smith

13 November 2020   Blog, Featured

Paul Smith has been recognized as one of the “nation’s elite litigators,” whose “profound commitment to advancing civil liberties make him a legal force to be reckoned with,” as well as someone who is “down to earth but also brilliant.” Washington Council of Lawyers knows him to be all these things, as well as our long-time board and honorary board member, former President, and frequent guest speaker at our events.  We are so honored to recognize Paul with our 2020 Presidents Award for Public Service.

Allison Miles-Lee: 2020 Legal Services Award Recipient

13 November 2020   Blog, Featured

Family law. Public benefits. Language access. A DC legal services attorney could build an entire career out of just one of those subject areas. Allison Miles-Lee is a champion of all three—and our 2020 Legal Services Award Recipient.

2020 Government Pro Bono Award Recipient Josephine Bahn

10 November 2020   Blog, Featured

Josephine (Jo) Bahn takes her commitment to service very seriously. Although early in her career, Jo has already made a significant impact in the legal field and her community. We are excited to recognize her many contributions to her community with the 2020 Government Pro Bono Award.

2020 Law Firm Award Recipient: Fried Frank

10 November 2020   Blog, Featured

Washington Council of Lawyers has selected Fried Frank as our 2020 Law Firm Award Recipient. We are thrilled to recognize the firm’s outstanding dedication to pro bono and express our appreciation for your long-term support of our mission to promote pro bono service and public-interest law.

DC Pro Bono Week 2020: Recap

05 November 2020   Blog, Featured

DC Pro Bono Week 2020 is a wrap, but the inspiration to make a difference in our community and the celebration of pro bono service continues. We know the work doesn’t stop, and the pandemic has created a legal needs crisis the likes of which are unprecedented. As lawyers, we have a duty and obligation to help bridge the access to justice gap. Whether it’s by taking on a pro bono case, volunteering for an advice and referral clinic, contributing to systemic advocacy, or financially supporting a legal services organization, we can all do something for the public good.

DC Pro Bono Week 2020 Profiles: Complete Set

04 November 2020   Blog, Featured

During DC Pro Bono Week 2020, we celebrated lawyers who made a profound difference in the lives of their pro bono clients despite unique challenges. We hope they have inspired you to take on your own pro bono case.