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Graphic: Public Interest Jobs

Two times each month we publish a digest of public interest job openings, the Public Interest Jobs Clearinghouse. Our jobs digest is available exclusively to our members. It includes detailed information about a range of different public interest positions. We aim to provide an insider’s view of public interest job opportunities. A sample digest is available here.

Our jobs digest lists public-interest-related jobs in Washington, DC and around the country. It includes job openings in legal services, policy, government, capitol hill, law schools, and law firms. The jobs digest also includes information about fellowship and internship opportunities.

We send the jobs digest twice every month to our dues-paying members. Law school subscriptions are available as well, and we encourage law schools to share our jobs digest with their students and alumni.

To get access to our jobs digest, all you need to do is become a member of Washington Council of Lawyers.

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