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Covington & Burling LLP: 2018 Law Firm Award Recipient

By Christina Jackson

Our 2018 Law Firm Award recognizes Covington & Burling for the many ways the firm strives to bring justice to our community. Covintgon & Burling is a partner with us in promoting pro bono service and public-interest law. Covington has a stronger-than-steel commitment to pro bono work, and consistently encourages its attorneys to use their legal talents to benefit those in need. In 2018, Covington was ranked second among all AmLaw 200 law firms in The American Lawyer’s annual Pro Bono Survey. The breadth, and depth of the firm’s support for pro bono work is exemplary; the number of hours spent on pro bono work is inspiring. Last year, the firm devoted more than 175,000 hours to representing individuals and organizations in pro bono matters. We are delighted to recognize the institutional dedication as well as the put-it-into practice efforts of the team of professionals that bring the firm’s pro bono policies to life.

Covington & Burling also has been a leader in partnering with Washington Council of Lawyers and other legal services organizations in Washington, DC. Because of our focus on building a strong public-interest community across all sectors, we are pleased to recognize Covington for the many ways that it partners so effectively with other law firms, legal services organizations, law schools, and government agencies. Covington is a true team player. And we are grateful for the firm’s financial and in-kind support to the Washington Council of Lawyers, which has allowed us to better serve our community.

Finally, we recognize the importance of law firms supporting their attorneys’ participation with organizations like the Washington Council of Lawyers. Covington has had many contributors to our mission, including associate Tayor Steffan, who assisted the Pro Bono Week Planning Committee. Most significantly, Covington  encouraged and supported their Pro Bono Counsel Kelly Voss through her strong leadership with the Council, allowing her to serve as President for the past two years, and as Vice President, Secretary and Co-chair of our Strategic Planning Committee before that. Kelly’s roll-up-your sleeves attitude, exceptional leadership and innovative ideas have allowed us to build a stronger sense of community among pro bono and public-interest lawyers in DC.

We are delighted to be able to publicly recognize the ways that Covington & Burling has supported the public-interest community of DC and helped us expand access to justice.

Celebrate Covington & Burling and the other award recipients at our 2018 Awards Ceremony.

Christina Jackson (@CJacksonWCL) is our Deputy Director.

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