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2023 Pro Bono Lawyer Profiles: Complete Set

That’s a wrap on DC Pro Bono Week 2023! We hope the events, trainings, and more throughout October inspired your to commitment to pro bono service. If you're looking for creative ways to make pro bono service a part of your career, check out these stories:
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DC Pro Bono Week Profiles: Sam Sergent

Since 2015, Legal Aid’s Reentry Justice Project has been helping clients who face barriers in accessing housing, employment, and other opportunities due to a criminal record. Individuals who have interacted with police and the criminal legal system — disproportionately people of color and people who live in areas of concentrated poverty — find themselves facing a multitude of collateral civil consequences that act in real and concrete ways to perpetuate generational cycles of poverty. The Project seeks to eliminate those barriers through direct representation and systemic advocacy.
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DC Pro Bono Week Profiles: Ken Knight and David Horniak

DC Affordable Law Firm – DCALF, as we are more commonly known – delivers accessible justice to modest-income DC residents who do not qualify for traditional sources of free civil legal services and cannot afford standard representation, empowering community members with unmet legal needs while also launching the careers of public interest lawyers committed to accessible justice.
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Graphic: DC Pro Bono Week 2023 With Dates

We the Action Summit 2023

We The Action is excited to host their first Summit for lawyers who want to…

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