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2023 Pro Bono Lawyer Profiles: Complete Set

That’s a wrap on DC Pro Bono Week 2023! We hope the events, trainings, and more throughout October inspired your to commitment to pro bono service. If you’re looking for creative ways to make pro bono service a part of your career, check out these stories:

  1. Navigating DC Superior Court’s system can feel daunting without the support of someone who is familiar with it, that’s why Barbara Nielsen, Eddie Allen, and Jill Greaney stepped up to assist folks navigating Family Court.
  2. The importance of nonprofits cannot be understated, as they make it their mission to uplift some aspect of our community, Patrick Fuller sees that importance and focuses his pro bono service on maximizing the positive impact nonprofits can make.
  3. Law students can also make a huge difference, and when groups of migrant communities needed help navigating the immigration system, Georgetown’s Immigration Law Student Association rolled up their sleeves to organize pro se asylum clinics.
  4. Alfredo Vasquez understands the life changing outcomes that can happen when legal support is there for someone that would have otherwise been pro se, that’s why he volunteers with DC Refers.
  5. When looking for pro bono opportunities, Megan Daily applied her experiences helping her corporate clients to small businesses and nonprofits in need of pro bono support.
  6. Sometimes pro bono support looks like systemic change, Latham & Watkins team advocated in the Federal Circuit for the court to adopt a broad rule that now significantly helps veterans seeking medical retirements related to pot traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  7. Knowing the power of being fluent in Farsi, Shirin Zamani joined others at Hogan Lovells, who quickly mobilized after the fall of Kabul and the collapse of the Afghan Government created a burgeoning humanitarian crisis.
  8.  When navigating family court, individuals are usually navigating changes to their families and their lives; that’s why DLA Piper Team Ken Knight and David Horniak provide holistic and humble pro bono services to those seeking support from DCALF.
  9. Legal systems can be tricky to navigate, especially for those trying to reenter the community, Sam Sergent’s pro bono service uplifts the efforts of Legal Aid’s Reentry Justice Project to help end the cycles of poverty and find closure for her clients.

Thank you to the lawyers, firms, and organizations who dedicated their time, talent, and resources to make a difference in the lives of their clients!

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