By Sierra Blanchard-Hodge

As part of DC Pro Bono Week, on October 27th a group of 10 attorneys, clerks, law students, and other members of the legal community met for a morning tour of the Landlord and Tenant Branchof DC Superior Court. The Housing Crisis from the Inside: A Guided Tour of DC Superior Court’s Landlord and Tenant Branch was led by Beth Mellen Harrison, Supervising Attorney of Legal Aid’s Housing Law Unit and Director of Legal Aid’s Landlord-Tenant Court-Based Legal Services Project.

After Harrison briefed the group about the court and at-risk tenants’ need for better access to legal representation, the group attended the beginning of the court’s morning roll call. There were more than 150 cases on the docket that day—and that was actually a relatively low number for the court. The tour concluded with information on how lawyers at all stages of their careers can get involved in cases at Landlord and Tenant Court.

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