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Graphic: Mentoring Program

Our 2016 Mentoring Program

Our 2016 Mentoring Program will be starting soon, and we can’t wait to welcome this year’s mentors and mentees. Mentees are paired with an experienced lawyer mentor and meet with that mentor two to three times throughout the year. We also hold six additional mentoring events, including panels on setting career goals and succeeding as a new lawyer and happy hours with local public-interest lawyers. The combination of individual meetings and group programs provides answers to questions about life as a new lawyer and a variety of tips and perspectives that can help lawyers throughout their careers. (More…)
Graphic: Mentoring Program

Calling All Mentors!

By Alexis Applegate & Giovanni Di Maggio Last year, we had the chance to participate as mentees in the Washington Council of Lawyers Mentoring Program. We both benefitted tremendously from the experience: our mentors helped answer many of our questions and gave us useful advice about legal practice and public interest work in Washington, DC. In addition, the program's events provided even more tips and perspectives that will help us throughout our legal careers. We enjoyed the mentoring program so much that we agreed to coordinate it this year. And our first job is to recruit a great class of mentors for the 2015–2016 mentoring year. (More…)
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