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Graphic: Make Some Noise Against Inequality

Welcome 2018: In Verse

As we start 2018, our Executive Director, Nancy Lopez and her poetic daughter, Jessica, look back on the past year and ahead to new challenges:

As 2017 comes to a close,
we reflect on all the things that arose:
The programs, people, and legal developments,
Some of them were small, and others immense.

Trump officially took office; women marched on the mall
Lawyers left the federal government – some, but not all.
Some went to Dulles to fight the travel ban
Pro Bono in Action tapped the earnest, as part of our plan.

Our Government Pro Bono Roundtable was sold out: it was packed!
Our panelists spoke of those who felt the system was stacked;
Believing that without a lawyer by their side
They could never prevail; that we could not abide.

So we trained lawyers in depositions, objections, and public speaking
Teaching those classes were Clap, Horton, Harden and Pinckney.
Some Litigation Skills Trainings were casual, others more intense,
But they all taught lawyers how to effectively represent clients.

Perspectives on Poverty Law was a bit hit, as always
Because students learned from judges about court happenings on most days
Judges Raffinan, Becker, and Dayson replied eloquently,
To questions which were posed by the jovial Chinh Le.

The Supreme Court: A View from the Press Gallery was fantastic
The convened panel of journalists was slightly bombastic
Barnes and Mauro, Liptak and Howe,
De Vogue and Savage, you can read them right now!

Our Summer Pro Bono & Public-Interest Forum, we’ll never forget:
With Ruth Bader Ginsburg, our most popular guest yet!
Over 350 people listened in awe,
And attended panels on Civil Rights, Immigration, Criminal, Transactional, and Poverty law.

Legal Services Corporation provides civil legal aid across the nation
Congress threatened to cut their funding – a major abomination!
But lawyers rallied from law schools, Big Law, corporations, and more
and so this vital funding became fully restored.

Emily, Melinda, Katie, Rebecca and Erich,
Plus Sarah, together they are our latest board picks.
We gladly welcomed these fine new members in,
but we had to say a sad goodbye to our beloved Jim Rubin.

This year’s DC Pro Bono Week was utterly astounding
Constantly it seems to grow—events are compounding.
We strove to encourage volunteer service without much fuss
Using Pro Bono to Advocate for Social Justice.

Our Awards Ceremony closed out the year
We honored some outstanding advocates, and shed a few tears
Patty Fugere, Mayer Brown, and Jaya Saxena performed incredibly,
Also great: Deborah Birnbaum, and Tracy Goodman from CLC!

As 2017 comes to a close,
we reflect on all the things that arose,
But the most important thing through each laugh and tear,
Is the hope that comes with each turning year:

Time never stops
It keeps going and going
Meanwhile, our community
Keeps growing and growing
So let’s make this year the best we’ve seen
Welcome, new year, welcome 2018!

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