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Graphic: ABA Well-Being Week

Washington Council of Lawyers Participates in Well-Being Week In Law

It goes without saying that the past year has brought unparalleled challenges and new stresses and anxieties. Since we can’t do our best, unless we feel our best, we are excited to once again take part in Lawyer Well-Being Week. During the week we will be sharing various resources on our social media platforms meant to help encourage your wellness journey.  These posts will include videos and articles to read to boost your wellness and share with your networks. Below you’ll also find a summary of activities to participate in each day.

We encourage you to make time during this week to try these activities and then engage with us on social media to let us know your thoughts.

And because we know that wellness is a year-round commitment, we encourage you to stay in touch with us on social media and keep an eye on our events calendar for other opportunities to engage.

Monday: Physical Well-Being

Today’s activity is the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise (Yep, Breathing!). The way you breathe may be making you anxious. Try out the stress-calming 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise, and post about your experience using the hashtag #WellbeingWeekInLaw. 

Link: Breathing-Exercise_Physical-1.pdf (

Tuesday: Spiritual Well-Being

Today we encourage you to try an Awe Walk. Boost the meaningfulness of your everyday stroll by following the instructions in the Awe Walk Activity Guide. Post about your experience using #WellbeingWeekInLaw.

Link: Awe-Walk_Spiritual-1.pdf ( 

Wednesday: Career and Intellectual Well-Being

Try Out Job Crafting, which is a continual activity in which we seek to create a better fit between our strengths, values, and preferences and our work. Follow the Job Crafting Activity Guide and post about your experience on social media using #WellbeingWeekInLaw.

Link: Job-Crafting-1.pdf (

Thursday: Social Well-Being

Today we encourage you to try out the Loving-Kindness Meditation Activity Guide, which guides you through a practice of mentally sending warmth towards others that is linked to many psychological benefits. Post about your experience using #WellbeingWeekInLaw.

Link: LKM_Thursday-1.pdf (

Friday: Emotional Well-Being

Learn to Retrain Unhelpful Thoughts. Review the Retraining Unhelpful Thoughts Activity Guide and start practicing science-based skills to curb the negative effects of dysfunctional thoughts that can lead to poor mental health. Share your thoughts with us using #WellbeingWeekInLaw.

Link: Unhelpful-Thoughts.pdf (

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