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You Have A Place Here

You Have A Place Here

All practicing lawyers in Washington, DC share an ethical commitment to offer free or reduced-fee legal services to the many people in our community who are denied justice or otherwise marginalized by the inability to afford good counsel. 

This service commitment applies across all practice areas and includes lawyers in private practice, in government, in non-profits, in academia, in associations, and those working for our city’s many strong legal services providers. In this sense, Washington Council of Lawyers has a much broader constituency than other voluntary bar associations.  

So, whether you practice corporate law or criminal law, trade law or family law, whether you regularly litigate in DC courts or have never seen the inside of a courtroom, and whether you are a solo practitioner or work for an organization with hundreds of employees, you have a professional home with us.  

You have a place here.  

We’re all, collectively, working toward greater access to justice. Washington Council of Lawyers is ready to support you, through training, advocacy efforts, and mentoring, as we work to ensure our legal system treats everyone fairly regardless of money, position, or power.  

I hope you will join us!

Mark Kovner
2021-2022 Board President, Washington Council of Lawyers 


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