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Steptoe Wall of Honor with Paul Lee (Pro Bono Counsel), Blanca Caceres (Pro Bono Interpretation Coordinator), Harmony Jones (Deputy Pro Bono Counsel)Lee,

Steptoe & Johnson LLP: 2019 Law Firm Award Recipient

Talk about commitment! Steptoe & Johnson LLP has been a staunch supporter of Washington Council of Lawyers for decades. That is why we are pleased to highlight their outstanding commitment to pro bono and partnership with Washington Council of Lawyers and the larger D.C. public-interest community with our 2019 Law Firm Award.

Steptoe has a deep-rooted and stronger-than-steel commitment to pro bono work, and consistently encourages its attorneys to use their legal talents to benefit those in need. The breadth and depth of the firm’s support for pro bono work is exemplary, and the number of hours spent on pro bono work is inspiring: more than 31,000 hours in 2018 alone. The firm also has been a leader in the pro bono community. Steptoes was one of the first firms to have dedicated pro bono counsel, a role that Barbara Kagan filled for over 25 years. When other firms began to shy away from taking family law cases, Steptoe stepped up, developing an expertise in a challenging practice area of extraordinary need. We are delighted to honor the institutional dedication as well as the hands-on approach that breathes life into the firm’s pro bono policies.

We also are grateful for the firm’s financial and in-kind support to the Washington Council of Lawyers, which has allowed us to better serve our community. Steptoe is one of the longest-standing supporters of Washington Council of Lawyers. At key points, we have turned to Steptoe for support in hosting events or supporting new initiatives. Steptoe helped launch our foray into hosting the “Walk-A-Month” Poverty Simulation and our Looking into Low Bono series that sparked the creation of DC Refers, a new non-profit online directory that connects lawyers willing to provide reduced fee legal services to people of modest means in DC.  Steptoe’s hospitality and outside-the-box thinking mean a lot to us. We are fortunate to have been able to count on their support for so many years and in so many ways.

Steptoe also has been a leader in partnering with other legal services organizations in Washington, DC. Steptoe’s long-term loaned associate program with The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, which is now transforming into the Steptoe Housing Law Fellowship, is an example of the innovative ways Steptoe continues to serve more neighbors in need. Because of our focus on building a strong public-interest community across all sectors, we are pleased to recognize Steptoe for the many ways that it partners so effectively with other law firms, legal services organizations, law schools, and government agencies. Steptoe is a true team player in community collaborations.

Finally, we acknowledge the importance of law firms supporting their attorneys’ participation with organizations like the Washington Council of Lawyers. Barbara Kagan served as a Washington Council of Lawyers Board Member for decades. Among her many contributions, she was instrumental in the success of the Looking into Low Bono Series, and vital to our judicial nominations and D.C. Bar endorsements work. We applaud her years of service, dedication, and commitment to pro bono. And Steptoe has continued the strong tradition of supporting board service with their new Pro Bono Counsel and long-time board member Paul Lee. We are tremendously grateful for the service and leadership Steptoe has offered throughout the years.

We are delighted to be able to publicly recognize the ways that Steptoe & Johnson LLP has supported the public-interest community of DC and helped us expand access to justice.

Celebrate Steptoe & Johnson LLP and the other award recipients at our 2019 Awards Ceremony!

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