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Graphic: DC Bar Office Candidates Endorsements list

2024 D.C. Bar Candidate Endorsements

The leadership of the D.C. Bar focuses on priorities and sets the tone for the largest unified bar association in the country. Since Washington Council of Lawyers is devoted to promoting pro bono service and public-interest law, we think it is essential that D.C. Bar leaders understand firsthand the importance of, and have a demonstrated commitment to, increasing access to justice in our community. 

Washington Council of Lawyers endorses the following 2024 candidates, listed alphabetically, and not in order of preference.  

Sadina Montani

Joshua L. Mogil

Board of Governors (vote for up to 5)
Leila S. Bham
Shirley Diaz
Brian K. Flowers
Kevin D. Minsky
Belinda Edwards Taylor

ABA Delegates (vote for up to 3)
Lorelie S. Masters
Laura A. Possessky
Lucy L. Thomson

Our endorsements are determined by our Board of Directors, based on the candidates’ resumes and responses to a questionnaire, jointly used by Washington Council of Lawyers and the D.C Consortium of Legal Services Providers. For the office of President-Elect, we also hold an in-person question-and-answer session with the candidates. 

We found this year’s candidates to be exceptionally strong and our decisions to be especially difficult. Many of the candidates have a demonstrated commitment to increasing access to justice. We want to thank all of the candidates for their willingness to serve!

The 2024 D.C. Bar General and Communities elections will run from April 29 to June 4. Voting is exclusively online. Eligible voters will receive an email link to the general election ballot and to the ballots for their D.C. Bar Communities, from Direct Vote (via Survey & Ballot Systems), an independent vendor administering the 2024 D.C. Bar elections.

Make your voice heard – be sure to vote! Please share our endorsements widely with your networks!

Susie Hoffman and Tiana Russell*, D.C. Bar Affairs Committee Co-Chairs
Washington Council of Lawyers 


*Susan Hoffman and Tiana Russell did not participate in the vote on the WCL Board endorsement for the presidential candidate.

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