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Graphic: #WCLawyers4Justice campaign

Our Theme for 2019-2020: #WCLawyers4Justice

At the core of our mission is our work striving to ensure our legal system treats everyone fairly, regardless of money, position or power. This year, we wanted to find ways to highlight just what access to justice means to our staff, members, and community partners. A common theme emerged: #WCLawyers4Justice.

We have always been about finding ways to expand access to justice, but this year, the unity, sense of purpose, community, and branding we hope to bring to our organization by remembering and using this simple hashtag seems especially profound. Throughout the year, we will strive to make #WCLawyers4Justice our focus in all that we do: issues advocacy, pro bono volunteer opportunities, networking and wellness events, communications, and trainings.

Here are reflections from some of our members on #WCLawyers4Justice. If you are interested in being profiled about what #WCLawyers4Justice means to you, please contact us at

David Steib, President

To me, #WCLawyers4Justice is a call to take a broad view of justice by striving to create a society that is fair. As we are barraged with examples of extreme and consequential unfairness in our society, we should ask ourselves how we can counteract those breakdowns in justice with our time, with our voices, with our energies, with our skills, and with our dollars. Why is the infant mortality rate twice as high for Black Americans as it is for white Americans? Is there a remedy involving law? Washington Council of Lawyers encourages critical thought, works toward a society that is more fair, and lays essential foundations to ensure that justice warriors have the tools and support that they need.

Nancy Lopez, Executive Director
To me, #WCLawyers4Justice embodies the important and uplifting work of Washington Council of Lawyers. It is the energy that our members bring to their pro bono and public-interest cases, the excitement of coming together to serve others, and the synergy of bringing people together from all sectors of the legal community – law firms, law schools, public-interest organizations and government agencies. In these deeply divided times, Washington Council of Lawyers stands as a pillar of strength in support of a fundamental American principal: Justice and liberty for all.  This year, we will work even harder to be a public-interest voice in the legal community, to increase awareness of legal needs, to build a stronger community, to develop outstanding leaders, and to expand access to justice.  #WCLawyers4Justice

Christina Jackson, Deputy Director
#WCLawyers4Justice is the collective power of community. In a time when many disparate voices drown each other out, Washington Council of Lawyers brings together all the components of the pro bono and public interest community to amplify and make stronger our individual voices. There is strength in numbers. Washington Council of Lawyers brings that strength to bear in our advocacy work, our training and development of the next generation of impactful lawyers, and the inclusion of all viewpoints for the greater good. Together we make a difference.

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