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Graphic: Leadership For Lawyers

Leadership for Lawyers with Jim Sandman

Lawyers hold leadership positions across many segments of American society -- not only in law firms, corporate legal departments, and public interest organizations, but in public service, business, academia, and a variety of non-profit organizations. But unlike other disciplines, the law profession does not adequately prepare its leaders. In order to be prepared for leadership roles, lawyers must look for opportunities for growth from the very beginning of their careers. During this discussion, we will explore the basics of leadership for lawyers, such as the characteristics that make for strong leaders. We will also discuss leadership styles in various settings and how to plan for leadership development. It's never too early to start developing leadership skills. Jim Sandman teaches Leadership in Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Prior to joining Penn Law full-time in 2020, he was President of the Legal Services Corporation, General Counsel of the District of Columbia Public Schools, Managing Partner of Arnold & Porter, and President of the District of Columbia Bar. He also serves on Washington Council of Lawyers' Honorary Board. Follow the conversation on social media using #LawLeadership.

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Supreme Court: View from the Press Gallery Recap

On Thursday, July 7, 2021, lawyers, law students, and legal professionals around the country attended our 34th annual Supreme Court: View from the Press Gallery event. Our panel of journalists who cover the Court talked about the unusual recently concluded term. The discussion started off with everyone agreeing that it was a momentous term for a number of reasons.
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